Industry master classes

UQ r!sk run a series of popular master classes across the year. Each meeting has a different focus and is open to interested industry professionals. The objective of these sessions is two-fold:

  • share the latest research findings, tools and techniques
  • get feedback on related industry needs and challenges

Past master classes have covered:

  • Vehicle interactions in mine sites
  • Incident Investigation
  • Critical control analysis

Continuing professional development

We offer a wide range of tailored continuing professional development (CPD) courses covering:

  • critical control identification and management
  • human-centred design
  • incident investigation
  • decision making and project performance
  • human factors
  • social risk

Our courses are designed to allow participants to thoughtfully apply knowledge in a variety of situations using best-practice engineering tools.

Undergraduate courses

As professional engineers, our graduates will be responsible for critical aspects of engineering practice, design and decision making; these include the implementation of sound professional and ethical behaviour, responsibilities and liabilities for safe management of plant and personnel; critical assessment of issues of sustainability from project initiation to wider long-term operations; environmental risk assessment including project environmental approvals. These issues and the modern approaches to assessing impact and risk are explored in these courses with references to the process and mineral industries.

education program approach diagram


Postgraduate courses