UQ Dow Centre for
Sustainable Engineering Innovation

Empowering Sustainable Futures

The UQ Dow Centre pioneers thought leadership and drives innovation in the sustainable production and utilisation of energy and materials, fostering a seamless transition for a sustainable future.

The UQ Dow Centre is dedicated to addressing critical global challenges by creating and disseminating transformative knowledge and insights. We synergise cutting-edge science, multidisciplinary research, and systems analysis with world-class education to deliver high-impact innovations that bolster sustainability and drive economic growth.

As an integral part of the School of Chemical Engineering, the UQ Dow Centre upholds the legacy of an international leader in chemical engineering education and research, propelling our mission to build a greener, smarter future.

Research Themes

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Explore the future of transportation, driving innovation towards sustainable and efficient electric mobility solutions.
Investigate the future of sustainable energy, with production of this environmentally friendly fuel.
Discover cutting-edge research on transforming CO2 from a harmful greenhouse gas into valuable resources for a sustainable future.
Explore the integration of technology, society, and economy, fostering a resilient and inclusive future.

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