FactSage© chemical thermodynamic computer package is developed by CRCT in Montreal (Canada).

The software performs the predictions of thermodynamic equilibria for complex multi-component slag/matte/metal/solid/gas systems. Coupled with other programming languages, it can be used to simulate large-scale industrial processes.

PYROSEARCH develops the proprietary database (UQPY) which covers copper/lead pyrometallurgical processes and contains important minor elements.

Professor Eugene Jak is an official distributor of FactSage software.

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The list of phases and thermodynamic models in the UQPY database

Slag: (Cu+1, Fe+2, Fe+3, Si+4, Al+3, Ca+2, Mg+2, Pb2+, Zn2+, Ni2+, Sn2+, Sn4+, Sb+3, As+3, Bi+3, Ag+1 , Au+1 )(O-2, S-2), Modified Quasichemical Formalism in Quadruplet Approximation

Spinel: [Cu+2, Fe+2, Fe+3, Ni2+, Al+3, Mg+2, Zn+2]tetr[Cu+2, Fe+2, Fe+3, Ni2+, Al+3, Ca+2, Mg+2, Zn+2 ,Vacancy0]2octO4, Compound Energy Formalism

Liquid matte/metal/speiss: (CuI, CuII, FeII, FeIII, PbII, ZnII, NiII, SnII, SbIII, AsIII, BiIII, AgI, AuI, OII,SII),

Modified Quasichemical Formalism in Pair Approximation

Monoxide: (CuO, FeO, FeO1.5, NiO, AlO1.5, CaO, MgO), Bragg-Williams Formalism

Mullite: (Al3+, Fe3+)2(Al3+, Si4+)(O-2, Vacancy0)5, Compound Energy Formalism

Olivine: [Fe2+, Ni2+, Ca2+, Mg2+, Zn2+]M2[Fe2+, Ni2+, Ca2+, Mg2+, Zn2+]M1SiO4, Compound Energy Formalism

Melilite: [Ca2+, Pb2+]2[Fe2+, Fe3+, Al3+, Zn2+][Fe3+, Al3+, Si4+] 2O7, Compound Energy Formalism

Pyroxenes: [Fe2+, Ca2+, Mg2+, Ni2+]M2[Fe2+, Fe3+, Mg2+, Al3+, Ni2+]M1[Fe3+, Al3+, Si4+]BSiAO6, Comp. Energy Formalism

Dicalcium silicates: (Ca2SiO4, Fe2SiO4, Mg2SiO4 , Pb2SiO4 , Zn2SiO4), Bragg-Williams Formalism

Wollastonite: (CaSiO3, FeSiO3, MgSiO3 , ZnSiO3), Bragg-Williams Formalism

Willemite: [Zn2+, Fe2+, Mg2+][Zn2+, Fe2+, Mg2+]SiO4

Corundum: (FeO1.5, AlO1.5, NiO), Bragg-Williams Formalism

fcc and bcc solids alloys: (Fe, Cu, Ni, O, S, Pb, Zn, As, Sb, Ag, Au), Bragg-Williams Formalism

Digenite-bornite: (Cu2S, FeS, PbS, ZnS, Ni2S, Vacancy2S), Bragg-Williams Formalism

Lead-iron-silica oxide solid solutions: PF, PF10, PF5, Magentoplumbite, barysilite, P6FS, Bragg-Williams Formalism

Zincite: (ZnO, MgO, FeO, CaO, FeO1.5, CuO, CuO0.5), Bragg-Williams Formalism

MeS_cubic: (FeS, PbS, CaS, MgS, VacancyS), Bragg-Williams Formalism

Ideal gas: Most are from FactPS, updated gasesoues species: AsS, AsO, Zn, ZnS, ZnO, AgS, Pb, PbS, PbO, Bi, Bi2, BiO, BiS, Sn, SnO, SnS, Ag, AgO, AgS, Sb, Sb2, SbO, SbS ..

More solid sulfide, sulfate and oxide solutions and compounds (~150) etc..