Researcher biography

Professor Geoff Wang received his PhD in Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering from the Northeastern University, Shenyang, China in 1990. After earned about 2-year Visiting Academic experience at University of New South Wales, he joined the University of Queensland in 1996 and has been leading in the research focusing on modeling and simulation of the Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering processes, such as iron ore sintering, iron- & steel-making, sustainable energy, coalbed methane (CBM) extraction and carbon dioxide capture and utilization including CO2 -sequestration with enhanced coalbed methane (CO2-ECBM) recovery. Professor Wang’s research activity and interests are directed towards developing energy and environmental technologies. He has made significant contributions to the field of research on fluid flow, heat and mass transfer in chemical reactors, particularly gas solid reaction kinetics associated with various porous media. He has been active and completed research programs in clean energy technologies such as pulverized coal injection into blast furnaces, hydrogen production through lower emission coal combustion, and CO2 electrochemical conversion to fuel or reusable chemicals.

Professor Wang is author of a monograph entitled "Pulverized Coal Injection Technology for Blast Furnaces" and has over 100 original journal publications and about 60 refereed conference papers, included 2 patents.