Engineering Tissue Organisation Using Intelligent Additive Biomanufacturing

Australian Research Council DECRA Fellowship (2022-2025)

  • Engineering tissue organisation under 3D printed microconfinement (TBA - UQ)
  • Engineering tissue organisation under bioreactor mass transport (PhD Astrid Gloria Nausa Galeano - UQ)
  • Engineering cerebrovascular models for surgical decision-making (PhD Chloe De Nys - UQ)
  • Engineering vascular conduits to control mass transport for tissue regeneration (PhD Ryan McKinnon - UQ)

Biofabrication for Personalised Vascular Surgery Prognosis, Training, and Treatment 

Advanced Queensland Industry Research Fellowship (2019-2022)

  • Development of a numerical and experimental model to optimise graft anastomosis in peripheral arteries (PhD Sabrina Schoenborn - UQ)
  • Combining additive manufacturing and soft robotics for biomimetic tissue engineered constructs (PhD Brenna Devlin - QUT)
  • 3D-printed composite biomaterials for personalised vascular implants (PhD Trent Brooks-Richards - QUT)
  • Soft robotic devices for emulating vascular mechanobiology (MPhil Cody Fell - QUT)
  • A diagnostic software suite using machine learning to predict intracranial aneurysm rupture (MPhil Mitchell Johnson - UQ)