UQ’s new podcast: But Seriously, What is Engineering?

17 Sep 2020

There’s much more to engineering than hard hats and building bridges, so The University of Queensland’s new podcast seeks to answer the question, But Seriously, What is Engineering?

The 12-part podcast series explores all corners of engineering, from underground mines to under the microscope.

Host, Kartikee Gupta, is a civil and structural engineer and Women in Engineering advocate at UQ.

She asks professional engineers from across a range of sectors, as well as UQ’s engineering alumni, researchers and students, about their work finding innovative solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems and the adventures they have along the way.

Tune in on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify or online:

Episode 1 - From mechanical engineering student to entrepreneur

Episode 1 follows the incredible journey of mechanical engineering student Isabelle Fleming from pursuing space flight to entrepreneurship and beyond: Listen here

Episode 2 - What’s this all about the mine?

Join mining engineers Martyn Robotham and Negin Beaton as they dig deep into their rewarding careers in the resources industry. Listen here.

Episode 3 - Finding your tribe

What's it really like to study engineering? Hear from two recent UQ graduates and best friends, Karminee Karuna and Karen Zhou. Listen here.

Episode 4 - Dreaming big to drive diversity in engineering

It was the lack of women enrolled in Jessica Kahl’s civil engineering courses at uni that sparked her big business idea, not she’s inspiring young people to follow their STEAM dreams. Listen here.