EAIT high achievers connect with UQ’s rich history

28 Mar 2019

The cream of the crop across UQ’s engineering, architecture and computing student cohort came together for the ninth annual EAIT Scholars program awards this week.

The top-performing five per cent of students across these disciplines were recognised and celebrated for their leadership in the University’s community and for their academic achievements.

More than 420 students have been divided into the three streams of EAIT Scholars, named after influential individuals from UQ’s rich history - the Birrell, Hawken and Prentice scholars.

These students will gain access to enhanced academic, industry and cultural experiences through the program, receiving priority access to research, international exchange and industry-sponsored opportunities.

Benefits also include special invitations to the annual EAIT Scholar’s keynote presentation, which has seen huge international personalities like Mao’s Last Dancer Li Cun Xin and ABC War on Waste’s Craig Reucassel come to UQ’s St Lucia campus.

Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology Executive Dean Professor Vicki Chen said it was important to take the time to acknowledge students’ brilliant efforts.

“This is a wonderful program, aimed at celebrating our brightest students and connecting them with each other and with industry, so their potential for greatness can be nurtured.”

“We’ve seen from past cohorts that our students go on to do great things.”

“From producing the blueprint for Australia’s newest sustainable housing efforts through tiny houses, to providing insight to Boeing’s most advanced battlespace management tools and working on flying cars with Google’s co-founder abroad, the impact of our graduates is overwhelmingly positive, and far-reaching.”

Katie Deakin-Sharpe is a former Prentice Scholar who graduated with Bachelor of Science (Mathematics) / Bachelor of Information Technology in 2016, and from a Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) in 2018; she addressed the 2019 EAIT Scholars cohort.

“Four years ago, I sat where you are now, very excited to have finally been invited to be part of the program,” she said.

“Part of my excitement was because of the recognition - being invited to be a scholar was proof that my hard work was paying off; the other part was because friends I’d known in the program had told me to expect big things.

“As an EAIT Scholar you’ll have the chance to form some really valuable, long-lasting friendships, have amazing career development opportunities and you’ll have a lot of fun!

“Our industries are enormous - there are so many different career paths available in engineering, technology and design, and if you’re anything like I was, you’re not aware of the sheer breadth of possibilities that are out there.

“Make the time to chat to industry professionals and faculty members about what they do and what they teach - you’ll probably discover a career option that you never knew existed - and if you like the sound of it, they can tell you how you can get there.”

For more information about the EAIT Scholars program, please visit www.eait.uq.edu.au/eait-scholars-program